The climbing team competes in several USA Climbing competitions as part of their Collegiate Mid-Atlantic division. These start in November and end in March and are held at local professional climbing gyms, normally a 1-2 hour drive away. Competitions are never required; members choose to attend as many or as few as they want.

The competition season begins with several qualifying (local) competitions. These are a great way to get used to climbing competitions, and results do not count toward your standing in the division. Unlike many sports, climbing competitions are not really competitive. You do get a rank at the end of the competition, but you are mostly there to have fun and try cool new climbs. The vibes are very chill and supportive, so members of all climbing levels and abilities normally attend. Some competitions have only bouldering problems, while others include roped climbing (top rope/lead) or even speed climbing.

The competition season ends with the divisional championships, normally held in late March. At this competition, depending on your rank, you may be invited to compete at nationals.

While the climbing team does not charge dues, we do ask members to pay for their annual USA Climbing membership if they choose to compete. This cost ranges from $30 to $65, depending on whether you choose to attend the divisional championship. Members may be asked to pay a small fee for each competition as well. We try to minimize costs and maximize access as much as possible. If individual members are experiencing financial hardship, we are able to assist with paying these costs.